About Dawn shepard

Dawn ShepardWhen I see the world, I start thinking. I think about patterns and ways to improve an experience or tell a story. I’m a graphic designer but it goes beyond color and type and iconography. My dream is to help – to create something that helps people understand an idea better through a poster or infographic, makes it easier to read an eBook, add beauty to a project that may have been thought of as ugly or unimportant and help businesses present information to customers.

My philosophy on projects is that it’s a collaboration. A collaboration between what your customers or viewers want, what you have to sell or say and what I dream up. I work alone but I don’t do this alone. I need your help and your input and together we create something that ultimately makes an experience better.

I have a degree in Graphic Design and after graduating, I became lead designer at True Fabrications, a wine accessory company in Seattle. I created wine bags, catalogs, packaging and worked with great people on lots of fun projects. I now am a freelance designer and I love learning about new companies and their goals and dreams and how I can help.

I love life and try to enjoy it every minute. This is why I chose design, I love doing it. Life is about trying new things and I dive into the new as much as possible. I ride my bike, walk, travel, cook, dance, sing, and enjoy nature. I find peace in creativity.

We all have part of the answer and when we come together we create solutions.

I’m available for hire. Check out my portfolio and let’s create something!







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