The Ins and Outs of Owning a Tank

The Ins and Outs of Owning a Tank

Infographic Design

I was hired by SEOgadget to design this graphic. When this infographic first came to me I was so excited. I knew basically nothing about tanks except that they were cool. I got the data and started diving in. This is the part I love because I’m always introduced to something new and tanks, by the way, are pretty awesome. Learning about the early engineering and seeing images of “Little Willie” put the whole thing in perspective. Here was this giant metal tank with a wooden wheeled wagon on its rear. It’s like seeing a black and white picture of an i-Pad on a hand-made wooden table being viewed by oil lamp in the early 1800’s. It looked completely out of place and awkward. Like the aliens had thrown us a bone.

We wanted to downplay the military part of this infographic. My concept for this was an owners manual, but from the perspective of a civilian owning it. As if, you would just walk onto the lot and buy one. Again, I used a paper texture and I had some fun with fonts. I found this old Ferrari manual and a Roland Rhythm Composer image for inspiration. I wanted to push the look to a more to tech/terminator mode than military. I also pulled inspiration from the tanks themselves. They have a stencil painted numbers on them and I used that font for the tank name/number throughout the graphic.

I wanted to update the colors a bit so I used an electric green and yellow, both colors that are used to paint the outside of tanks but very muted. I wanted to keep the gritty feel of the tanks with a splash of the new color but keep the history. I mean, that’s what people are buying when they buy a tank; History, well, and bragging rights.

The Ins and Outs of Owning a Tank was designed for autoblog and featured on www.autoblog.com