The Fine Chocolate Experience

The Fine Chocolate Experience

Infographic Design

I was so excited to start The Fine Chocolate Experience infographic because I am a chocolate lover, or so I thought. After 5 minutes of reading the information I realized I was a vanillin and marshmallow lover. Sad face. I was shocked to find, in my whole life, I had never tasted chocolate. How could this be? I’ve eaten chocolate forever. I have pictures of me with a chocolate smile at Easter and chocolate cake at every birthday and yet, I still hadn’t really tasted it. I set out on a mission to find a bar with 5 or less ingredients and tasted away. Lucky I have a Whole Foods and a PCC market to find such a bar. To my surprise, it was a totally different experience. And a different reaction in my body. I didn’t have the sugar imbalance that I get from a commercial bar. Thank you Matt Caputo for opening my taste buds to a new chocolate experience.

I tried to incorporate the warmth and decadence into this graphic with the browns and reds and natural paper. The cocoa texture was added to express the artisan and gourmet aspect of fine chocolate. Because there are few ingredients, each one critical to creating a fine tasting chocolate, quality and where they are sourced play a huge role in the final result. Now I try to get chocolate with 5 or less ingredients, but I have to admit, every once in a while I crave vanillin and marshmallow.

The Fine Chocolate Experience was designed for caputosdeli.com and featured on blog.caputosdeli.com