The Financial Crisis, Year-by-Year

The Financial Crisis, Year-by-Year

www.msn.com (via aquent)
Infographic Design

Here is a play-by-play look at the Financial Crisis as a timeline compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. See the devastation as we travel back in time to 2007 and work our way through the chaos up to 2009.

This image is 1 of 4 screens from the slide show. To experience the whole show please click the link below.

What I did:
• Brainstormed with the content team
• Followed MSN Brand guidelines
• Laid out the information in Illustrator
• Created layout options
• Illustrated images & graphs in Illustrator
• Placed photos
• Chose colors to work with the brand color
• Revised the graphic from feedback
• Exported final pngs for slide show

The financial crisis, year-by-year was designed for MSN Money and featured on www.msn.com