Blog Design for Killer SEO

Blog Design for Killer SEO

Infographic Design

Creating this infographic was very meta, a graphic in a graphic. I wanted the “blog” to be the background and all the exciting information to dominate the page. I wanted to create something that looked printed that then got placed on the web instead of something that was created and lived only on the web. Through the use of a paper texture, pattern and layering it feels more like print. I think people are visually drawn to a tactile experience and it creates a little excitement when they know it isn’t real. Like, seeing a 3-D movie and buying into it and being amazed and going along for the ride but knowing it isn’t real.

It’s always a challenge trying to get the right balance within the layout so that the most important stuff stays the most important stuff. For this graphic the Blog was the most important but the information at the bottom wasn’t chopped liver. There was a lot of discussion about just chucking the bottom 2 graphs but in the end we decided they were too valuable to remove and so they became secondary in the hierarchy and I downplayed them.

On another note, I am grateful to SEOmoz and Cyrus Shepard for placing this graphic on their blog. I received so many inquiries that it launched a summer of freelance infographic work that I am ever grateful for. Thanks SEOmoz.

Blog Design for Killer SEO, was featured on www.seomoz.org