Printing the Human Body

Printing the Human Body

Infographic Design

I was hired by SEOgadget to design this graphic. This is the stuff of science fiction. Creating human organs with a…printer? Organovo designed a printer that can create organs and other body tissue used as patches or for transplants. I did the graphic and I still have trouble grasping this. It is mind blowing technology that will change everything from tissue testing to the drug industry to transplants. It’s fascinating.

For this graphic I was inspired by the computer screens in “Marvel’s The Avengers”. I wanted to create the lab of the future where I walk in and a Computer greets me and talks me through my organ printing like an ATM screen guides me to withdraw cash. I thought of a voice activated Siri-esque floating screen system, with promps and this was the “red pill” part when I find out about its history, right before I press, “PRINT” and my brand new liver pops out. The screens have transparency and a slight texture that would grab my finger as I shuffled through panels. I wanted the feel of overhead synthetic lights, phemaldehyde and sterilization.

Step up, touch the screen and begin the printing process.

Printing the Human Body was designed for Printer Inks and featured on www.printerinks.com