How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel

How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel

Infographic Design

I was hired by SEOgadget to design this graphic. I own a smartphone and am starting to believe that I couldn’t live without it. This infographic about how mobile Tech is changing world travel shows how people use their phones to book, get updates, and search online for travel events. After experiencing Snowpocalypse at the Seattle airport, while trying to get to Vegas, my husband used his smartphone to get fight updates, search for other airline options, call the airline and get a new flight schedule. I am now convinced there’s no better way to fly!

Through this graphic I wanted to present a fresh look at travel. Go back to a day when it was all new and exciting. If we shed the complaining and look at what is really going on when we fly, it’s still miraculous! We are flying! We get to visit new places and meet new people and the phone is taking it to the next level. I used old travel advertisements as my inspiration. The beach theme creates a vacation feel. I can’t wait to use my phone for my next travel adventure!

How Mobile Technology is Changing World Travel was designed for mydestination.com and featured on www.mydestination.com