Eurovision in Numbers

Eurovision in Numbers

www.msn.com (via aquent)
Infographic Design

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual live event where 33 countries in Europe compete for best song. Each participating country submits a song to be performed on live TV and radio and then they vote for the other countries’ songs. This graphic took 15 years of data and broke down the winners into different categories. An estimated 125 million people watch this event, it’s one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world

What I did:
• Brainstormed with the content team
• Followed MSN Brand guidelines
• Laid out the information in Illustrator
• Created layout options
• Illustrated images & graphs in Illustrator
• Chose colors to work with the brand color
• Revised the graphic from feedback
• Exported to a PSD file for language translation. This graphic was translated into many languages off-site and required thoughtful spacing to accommodate longer languages like German.

Eurovision in Numbers was designed for MSN in Europe and featured on www.msn.com