Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous

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Infographic Design

I started this infographic with a completely different concept that was safe and frankly, boring. After having a bit of a breakdown myself and letting go of the fear, the concept came to me. It was a risk to make people scroll down so far to get to the information but it made perfect sense once it was laid out and I felt it was the only way to go. I wanted to push the positive and the fact that anyone going through this is not alone. It’s a tough subject that needed a little bit of an edge. The scrolling pushed this graphic into more of a user experience.

I used bright colors to push the positive side of recovery. The chalkboard idea came for the location the meetings are held, which is generally at schools and churches.

This project was an angel that fell into my lap. I love doing work that has the potential for real change and is based in love. This subject is near to my heart and I was honored to be part of it.

Working with Sean from Website Consultants Inc. was so rewarding. He gave me trust and complete control over the concept and helped me get more information from recovered alcoholics that was integral to the process. Thanks Sean for letting me be a part of this, I am forever grateful.

Alcoholics Anonymous was designed for Website Consultants Inc. and featured on www.rehab-programs.org