2012 IRA Contribution Limits

2012 IRA Contribution Limits

IRA Connect
Infographic Design

This chart was designed for IRAConnect.com. Boy, IRA stuff is confusing and hopefully this chart helps to clear things up. Part of the challenge with this graphic was that there were 4 different IRA’s and 2 of the 4 had charts. Because it was going in a 600px wide blog and was going to be super long it was hard to tell when one IRA ended and the next began. I decided to use color to differentiate between IRA’s. The charts use lighter and darker colors to help guide your eye along a row. White became the highlight color and all the “go-to” info is in white. Over all, I choose brighter colors to bring out a little excitement and help make it a little more fun to find out the contribution limits.

Another area that created a challenge was font size. In a blog space that is 600px wide that needs to be read from that image, font sizes become a problem. Plus, part of the demographic for the chart is older people that have trouble seeing small things. The smallest I could go was 14pts for the type to be read. It makes the type hierarchy more challenging because everything has to get bigger to stand out as a headline or even the title. So to review: small width + lot’s of type = condensed typeface. My hero, condensed type. I don’t think I could get all the info to fit with out it. Thank you condensed type, you saved the day!

I love a challenge and this one put me to the test.

2013 IRA Contribution Limits was designed for IRAConnect.com